Perambulate means Pleasurable Walking

I am not a man of high ingenuity – usually a thought festers if anything.  I would not call that ingenuity, rather I am stubbornly slow in the process of learning.  Further, I am not a huge fan of the concept of blogging or often the world one enters known as the “blogospehere”.  So if I am one who does not like blogging, then why am I even writing?  For one, I am pretty sure that I am ADD, hence the name “meandering mind.”  As you read, assuming you will, I am sure that this tendency to drift in thought will rear her ugly head.  I write, because I too, like any other human plagued with depravity, am selfish. I am here more for the random thoughts I get from my friends as they tell me areas of strength and areas of weaknesses in my thinking.  Accountability is the only thing that truly makes the work of knowing prosperous and beneficial for all.  If knowledge does not stir the soul or move our bones, that is give life, then is it worth debating or knowing?  This is not to discount the many tools by which one pursues knowledge, namely technical equipping.  Rather, one must place them in perspective of the ultimate goal of the intellectual, that is to know God.  We all have a working theology; we all have thoughts about God and life.  I say think to love and love to think.

I cannot promise consistency, but I do intend on tackling a few different subjects that keep me up at night.  I also hope to highlight some books sitting on my shelf as well as muse you all with some poetry or other writings or recipes (yes, I cook) that I jot down on a whim.  Nothing special, just more of a mind dump.

I will admit that as much as I attempt to be objective, I am a subject and think as a subject – stories, anecdotes, experiences will all be taken in account as I write.  However, perhaps together we can be objective towards the kernel truths.  Theology is best practiced in community.

Here are some areas of thought I am hoping to explore with you all:

Biblical Anthropology

  • Current discussions on Imago Dei
  • Humanity as One & Many
  • Humanity as Sexual
  • Sexual Identity
  • Gender as Natural Revelation
  • Specific Revelation on Gender
  • Gender as Reciprocity
  • Implications of Racial Diversity upon Gender and vice versa
  • Marriage: Past, Present & Future
  • The Single Life
  • The Creation Mandate & the Christian Ethic
  • Creatureliness of Humanity
  • Interdependence within Creation
  • Creation & New Creation:  Patterns and Prophecy


  • Current Issues (Trinity Debate and such)
  • Reflections on the Trinity and Community

Gospel Mission

  • Biblical Patterns of Grace
  • Mission and Church – How limited?
  • Serving as Male & Female

Cultural Engagement

  • So ethereal, I know…

I doubt I will say nothing much that is new; I am after all young and my education, both in and outside of the classroom, is limited.  Then again, saying something new is treacherous territory for the creature.  Only the Creator God speaks new things, and even these are only in accordance with His everlasting self.

~ by perambulateponderings on December 13, 2010.

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